Tuesday, 27 October 2009

the butler did it in dolce & gabbana fall winter 2009

scottish actor gerard butler was out and about with his mountain bike in new york yesterday. he was sported in a dolce & gabbana fall winter 2009 nylon padded jacket.

the nylon jacket has asymmetrical diamond shaped details, making it more biker-ish and masculine. the jacket is available online at luisa via roma. i like it, but feel it's very pricey at £922 for a nylon jacket.



  1. Your amazing! I was looking at those shots the other day on JustJared.com trying to figure out who made that jacket...funny how I'm sure the jacket costs more than everything else is the pic (including the bike :P).

  2. power to him for making it happen!
    im not sure if i would ever go out casually on a bike ride with a jacket like that. i'd feel like sweat was sinful to the jacket!!
    but butler did it, and power to him


what's he wearing?