Saturday, 24 October 2009

cash cheque or credit

ok i have a little obsession with at the moment, can you see why?

trainers with toe cap details from, £30.

lanvin trainers with toe cap details from, £375.



  1. Lanvin still. I mean, look at the difference.

    Peace. :-)

    Have a nice weekend, Joe!

  2. I would feel its a bargain to buy @ pity they dun ship for free to Singapore. Buy the ASOS Shoes Joe! Cheers!

  3. the colour of the asos ones is pure love.

  4. the craftmanship of the asos is shit =/ looks cheap

  5. Ugh, the Asos looks hideous in comparison.. but I would say that, having forked out for the real deal..

    BUT I would say the Lanvins are a great investment.. I got mine in October 2007 (the season when they first did them.. quite convenient that they've repeated them every season since then!) and they are still in perfect condition, despite very heavy wearing over the last 2 years.. the Asos ones will probably self destruct after a few months.. I would take one pair of Lanvin shoes over 12 pairs of Asos shoes any day..


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