Monday, 5 October 2009

comme des garçons shirt fall winter 2009

how incredibly grey has the weather been in london today! and the forecast is that it's going to be like that till thursday! i guess we are officially in autumnal mode, or pre-fall in fashion speak. time to wrap up cosy i guess, and all day i've been thinking about the above comme des garçons shirt nylon toggle jacket. it's lightweight, colorful and hits all the right spots. and that must be the best styling ever when trying to incorporate the "men in tights" look into menswear.

yes, comme des garçons shirt. CDG is one of those (read: armani, boss) with multi confusing diffusion labels. "shirt" is supposedly targeted at the younger audience, with lower priced points.

lower price points indeed. the toggle coat is available online at and retails for £235, not bad at all. and it's one of the few padded nylon coats that doesn't turn one into a michelin man. i am very very keen indeed, but i already have a very similar toggle coat! awwww...

this might sway the decision: the coat is also available online at liberty, and they are having an event this wednesday where most items will be reduced by 20% instores and online. those purchasing online just need to enter code "Party09". click here for item listing.

i think i'm swinging past liberty on wednesday. at 20% off, the coat will retail for £180. resistance is futile...


  1. 10% off cologne as well I think, woohoo!

  2. Love the short duffle...and the boy model!!! drool~~~

  3. i like the orange better.

    looks like a lot of designers are doing leggings w/ shorts. now i kinda wish i bought those Graffiti ones.

  4. That's a really great coat! And 235? I would so pay that. They need to give up on the tights on men though. So many designers are using it that it's not even original anymore (I believe it began with Givenchy) and it's not catching on, It's just too much for the modern man. I would love to do it but even I wouldn't be brave enough to actually try it!

  5. I really love that coat!!prefer it in orange!!

  6. Hi
    Can you tell me are you S or M in CDG sizing?



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