Friday, 23 October 2009

goyard trunks outside mount street store

i whizzed past mount street earlier, and the above sight greeted me along the way. i ran across the road to have a better look, and nearly got ran over by a cyclist. well worth the run over, as goyard put out four trunks outside their store. real functioning trunks, not dummies. and as i marveled and drooled all over the floor, i glimpsed that the shop assistant gave me an approving smile, and then carried on with what he was doing.

then i realised, what a great idea that is. it's often intimidating, for the casual shopper and aspirational buyer, to walk into a shop to have a look see. by having the trunks outside, passer-bys can have a feel and closely examine the intricate workmanship. i had a great time examining every inch of the trunks, though thoughts of how to run away with one was constantly echoing in my head.

a fascinating way to engage their audience indeed.

for those around the area, do swing by to have a look see. the trunks are really amazing.

and dear maison goyard: when you are done with the display pieces and looking to dispose them, i'll gladly help. i wouldn't say no to seconds!



  1. I never care much for Goyard bags but their trunks make me giddy.

    I want one. Someday.

  2. Ahhh - you could not have put it any clearer.

    its so true. I will our LV shop here in south africa - johannesburg would do that. You walk in there and it feels so unwelcoming, maybe they should take out more of their trunks.

    Promise i wont run away with one lol!!!
    Vincent Zondo

  3. What if it rains suddnely? I appreciate the idea though.

  4. Today was perfect weather in London for October so perhaps there will be no sidewalk display tomorrow if the outlook is bleak weather wise...

  5. Sure enough it was raining today when I walked past, hah hah!

  6. blakey: did they keep the trunks today??

  7. I visited the shop yesterday. It was still raining at the time I arrived but they still left all these trunks right there.


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