Thursday, 1 October 2009

jermaine jackson in zara fall winter 2009

photo credit: associated press / fame pictures

jermaine jackson attended last month's vma in a black military style jacket. you might disagree, but i really really like that jacket, and have been looking around for ages, trying to find out where that jacket was from. it wasn't from d&g although they did something similar this season, neither was it from balmain nor givenchy who gave military influences this season. then by chance, i found out it was actually from zara.

superstars wear high street stuff afterall.

zara window display / photo credit: man about world

yea i counted, 54 buttons on the front, on above and jermaine's jacket. apparently the jacket's now sold out in most of zara's stores. man i am so going to zara this weekend, I NEED! i'll grab that tophat as well!


  1. The D&G inspired *cough*stolen*cough* version, red & navy was selling for around expect to pay even more for this piece

  2. uhmm i dont actually like the leather version on the display, looks a lil cheap. The version Jermain is wearing is great - i like the material and the design, but the leather/pleather one is a lil tacky, perhaps looks better in person :-/

  3. The jacket is fine. Not age appropriate for Jermaine. Sorry JJ!!

  4. Well spotted man!

    I didn't get to try it on or inspect it closely as it was a window display but it looked pretty nice. Sure, we've been wearing similar military jackets for a while but if I saw this one at Zara prices I'd buy it.

    At the designer level there seems to be more interesting tings happening to biker jackets and roughed up/boiled leather jackets...

  5. Well spotted indeed. I would've thought the whole Jackson clan would be sticking to Balmain. So Zara is a nice suprise. The detials are insane!


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