Friday, 23 October 2009

jimmy choo x H&M mens collection

the first three looks from jimmy choo x h&m collaboration which will arrive in stores 14th november 2009:

photos: john scarisbrick /

i am liking the leather jacket but will need to feel it up close on the day itself. in a way i am dreading the release on a saturday as there will be lots of people queuing up, but good thing is that we don't need to take time off work to get our fashion fix. will you be queuing up?

and who has contacts for the pre-sale event? would love to go!



  1. will not be queing up ! this looks boring and tacky, this is just for fashion victims

  2. I would like to grab some shoes for my girlfriend, but nah nothing for me....

  3. hope the jacket is available also in dark brown..

  4. i'd LOVE the suede boots...

    and Re: Pre-Sale event

    if you get any info, please also ask for Vienna!

  5. can't say i'm that excited by it all. but i'm sure the accessories will do just fine. leather jacket looks nice and soft though.

  6. Just posted some of the Jimmy Choo Men's for H&M with the prices. See what you think. Are you going to camp out or wait in line ? Wish I had pre-sale contacts? :)


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