Thursday, 29 October 2009

jimmy choo x h&m menswear collection

here are a few more pics from the jimmy choo x h&m menswear and accessories collection, which will be available in stores from 14th november:

snake boots with studs and crystals / GBP99.99, USD149, EUR129.

round neck t-shirt / GBP14.99, USD24.95, EUR19,95

denim jeans / GBP39.99, USD69.95, EUR59,95

leather shoe with zip / GBP99.99, USD149, EUR129

and below are three items which i really like, and i hope i will be able to grab them in stores:

suede shoe with elastic stretch / GBP99.99, USD149, EUR129

leather jacket / GBP179.99, USD299, EUR249
for this price it better be buttery soft leather...

v-neck cashmere sweater / GBP69.99, USD99, EUR79.95.
love cashmere, love electric blue.

are you excited about any pieces? am slightly disappointed that there were only a few shoes for men, considering jimmy choo is in the shoe business? i would rather they not do all these ready to wear but give us a few more quality and stylish shoes.


  1. Loving the 3rd pair the most at the moment...

  2. i only like the suede and the zip boot but not liking the zipper on the boot at all. total pass on this collection unless they look amazing during real wear.

  3. I love the snake boots with studs and crystals....but the price....

  4. I really like the studded snake skin boots but with the recession and recent disasters here, I highly doubt I'll be getting a pair.

  5. hmmm... not exciting me so far. except maybe for those black zip boots.

  6. perhaps it's different overseas, but at least here in the US, those snakeskin boots are part of womens...and based on their sizing guide, there's no overlap in shoe sizing with the men's shoes...kinda sad about that :( womens or not, i still would've liked to have owned a pair...

  7. Was just going to post the same thing. The snakeskin shoes are for women, not that they couldn't be pulled off with a guy (with small feet).
    What do you think of the bags? I find them quite expensive. 200e a pop is quite a lot. And really truly annoyed by the fact that the prices fluctuate from country to country!!! Especially since I'm living abroad and back home they'd be cheaper (both rich Euro countries...).
    And myself as well going to be checking out the leather jacket in store, just filthy expensive! I'm guessing the prices will scare away quite many men from the shopping queues. And possibly the bags will be quite an easy snatch at those prices, as far as I've heard, not too many people going crazy over the bags after hearing the prices... My must have meter dropped a lot after reading the prices. Add 50e and you can buy Marc Jacobs? :/

  8. i think that the stuff is overpriced! The shoes look cheap and the styles are boring! thought the collection would be more "BAM" than that!

  9. Very disappointing. The chelseas and side-zips look decent, but are at a price range where I can't imagine them being made very nicely.

  10. Really love the Jimmy Choo shoes.

  11. apparently the snakeskin ones are women's, not men's. and it surprised me how many pieces of the collection won't be available in the UK, but are available in Vienna!

  12. i am sooooooooo getting the shoes! amazing

  13. The big launch has got a lot of people talking. This is destined to be a huge success!

  14. The collection was just amazing! I went there today but it was just too crowded and the time given was so limited, i couldnt even go in and buy anything...:( However some of the people waiting to go into h&m were crying like kids, i just couldnt believe it!

    I wish i could of bought some of the stuff i wanted the buy.. I went there early in the morning at 9 o'clock, however the que was soo long, people actually camped there from the night before!!

    Anyways i loved your blog...hope you will check out my blog too. Take care...



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