Friday, 23 October 2009

kasabian at hmv forum, london

photo credit: Carsten Windhorst/Q Magazine

ahhh... that poise. british indie rock band kasabian performed at the hmv forum last night as part of a series of gigs to celebrate the run-up to 2009's Q awards. lead singer tom meighan wore a black leather jacket with a military style t-shirt.

here's a closer look at his get-up:

photo credit: Carsten Windhorst/Q Magazine

tom wore a black j.lindeberg leather jacket with quilted details on the shoulders, with d&g military tassels style t-shirt on the inside.

besides the nice details on the shoulders, the leather jacket also spots an asymmetric zip, and elasticated cuffs and waistband. very rock & roll and appropriate for his gig. the jacket is available online at, black here and blue here.

apparently, using code "ASOSSURVEY" gets you 20% off all merchandise. i've not tried, but let me know if it works!

hidden inside tom's leather jacket is this rather questionable t-shirt from d&g. where do i even begin! i'm just glad it remains mostly hidden underneath that jacket. the d&g t-shirt is available online at italian store luisa via roma.

in fact, tom love this leather jacket so much, he wore the blue version back in july when he performed at london's wembley arena. i very much preferred the blue to the black.

and if you think tom looks very different in the 2 pics, he shocked fans when he cut his signature flowing locks in sept. he said he fancied a change and wanted an inglorious basterds look hence the nice neat quiff on first pic.

very nice change indeed. r00o00ck on!



  1. Like both but the blue jacket a little bit more! : D

  2. eclair: nooooooo, that t-shirt is a no no!!

  3. Can you email me a link where i can buy the blue leather jacket? :) Been looking for one now for a couple of months...

  4. hi! I've been trying to find a website with this blue jacket on sale, and it has been impossible!... the links where the jackets were available are broken.. and I have already checked on .. can somebody tell me, where Can I get this blue jacket online??? please!!


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