Wednesday, 7 October 2009


i really really love this campaign. i love the play of light in photos, and i think this is a successful campaign as it engages the audience by casting a model from it's target market. the picture speaks of a wonderful story, time and travel always go hand in hand.

louis vuitton timepieces campaign 2010 /

i'm currently looking around for a watch. watches are important accessories to a man, and i believe they should be bought for celebratory reasons, or to mark the passing of time, a milestone in life. i shortlisted a few, going to see them in person soon.

beautiful as it is for their campaigns, i doubt i'll get a louis vuitton watch. the search continues.



  1. Good boy! spend your money on proper watchmaker and not on fashion brand. Buy from the experts....

    I am planning to get an Omega when I turn 30...for gift for myself

  2. please check out the selection at breguet before making a decision. you won't regret it. they are sublime. i agree with anon at 04:13, a fashion brand watch is not worth your money.

  3. my top choices are actually breguet, a lange sohne and piaget, but all massively out of my league!!!

  4. piagets are great but this LV277 grabbed my attention, its a very me kind of design.

  5. Fashion watches are indeed to be avoided, but Dior movement is reputable.


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