Tuesday, 27 October 2009

mark feehily in dolce & gabbana fall winter 2009

love them or loathe them, irish boyband lads westlife has had fourteen number one hit singles in the UK, the third-highest total in UK chart history, only behind elvis presley and the beatles. after a year's hiatus, they returned to perform on last sunday's x-factor results show with their new single "what about now".

band member mark feehily wore one of my favourite military jackets from dolce & gabbana fall winter 2009. i even had a similar version on my wishlist on the right of the blog a few weeks back.

closer look at the jacket

the jacket had crested buttons on the front and it's lapels, and sports rather unusual brown trims on the cuffs and linings. military style never goes away, it's a classic really. wear this 2 years later and it wouldn't seem dated. and i really like what dolce & gabbana and d&g did this season with their military influences.

click here for westlife's performance on x-factor. i really like their new single, thought it was very uplifting. yea i like a bit of a cheese every now and then. people commented that they mimed, but it seemed pretty clear to me they were singing live.

another celeb also stepped out in dolce & gabbana fall winter 2009 yesterday. coming up in next post...


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  1. Love this, I've moved on from pairing midnight blue with black to combining brown and black, though that jacket would make it a LOT easier to execute...



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