Saturday, 24 October 2009

mark ronson x gucci icon-temporary nyc store launch

.: gucci creative director frida giannini with mark ronson / herald :.

music producer mark ronson collaborated with gucci on a range of sneakers, which will be sold in flash sneaker stores that will travel the world starting in october 2009.

looking a little glum at the nyc store launch on friday, he wore a gucci fall winter 2009 salt & pepper single breasted suit, paired with a blue and black chess board print shirt. he also wore a pair of the gucci limited edition sneakers.

.: gucci fall winter 2009 :.

i'm not overly crazy about that chess board print shirt, but i wished he wore that shirt on the left instead. the salt & pepper slim fit trousers is available from matchesfashion for £370.

mark paired his suit with this pair of sneakers, which is my favourite out of all the designs i've seen.

and talk about retail companies reaching out to their customers via all kinds of social media platforms. the above blue and yellow sneakers is available for purchase only via their iphone application, not in stores nor online. best get my iphone quick then.

the first gucci icon-temporary store debuts on crosby street in new york on october 24, and will remain open for just two weeks. in december, they will move from nyc to miami. it will then move to select cities in europe and asia, including london.



  1. Honestly this suit is one of the most amazing suits I've ever seen, just love it!so perfect in every way

  2. Can't wait to check out Ronson's collab in person when the pop-up store pops up in London.

    The blue/yellow low cut is the best IMHO.

    Don't know how they're classified as 'sneakers' though when they're boat/deck shoes.

  3. I have the app and can't see the shies for sale, are they already gone?!?!

  4. anon: i think it's only avail for the US at the moment, you based in US?

  5. Hmmm, I reside in the US half the time (other half is Canada) but my app is from the U.S app store, so that's why I'm wondering why I can't see it. :S

  6. sorry, but those shoes are some of the worst ever, they look like sub-asos in house brand material. awful.

  7. ugh mark ronson looks so delish in that suit...


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