Sunday, 4 October 2009

music sundays - "just for tonight" ~ one night only

random as it sounds, i bought a pack of kitkat and it came with a code which allows me a free music download. ain't particularly impressed with what's on the charts lately, i scrolled along, and found british band "one night only". truth is, there are so many indie bands in the UK, it's difficult to keep track of who's who. but i remember hearing this track in one of burberry's promo video, and i really like it. it's gloriously uplifting, so i chose that as my free download.

.: george craig for burberry prorsum :.

lead singer george craig is also a favourite of burberry. he appeared in the spring summer 2009 ad campaign, "the beat" for men fragrance campaign, and also walked the runway for burberry prorsum fall winter 2009 and spring summer 2010.

definitely not one night only.



  1. So he's the gum-chewing model on this fall season runway.. Hmm... a bit pretentious

  2. i think the gum chewing is nerves more than anything, walking along with some of the biggest boys in business.

  3. Well at least the gum chewing made him stand out. I just find out so odd that he popped up out of the blue and starting walking for Burberry one day, and the rest is history. But he does have the right look. :)

  4. i like this track. please share when you come across something you like. thanks.

  5. just downloaded this song. i like it!

  6. george craig! love him! try watching their band's posted videos on youtube


what's he wearing?