Friday, 2 October 2009

night & day

it's wonderfully sunny here in london, the birds are chirping, so far he had a very good day. good news to come, they're finalising details later but he better not jinx it. fingers crossed.

when one's merry, he reaches for the copy of the louis vuitton fall winter catalog that was sent to him. not good! he flips to page 17 and saw the "jour nuit" sterling silver and lacquer cufflinks, but price on application. so he calls the customer service helpline, and they said it costs £290 but none available in the UK. how terrible, at a time when he wants to treat himself.

it's ok. the christian louboutin "louis" sneakers got his name on it!

there seemingly is light at the end of the tunnel, he can almost see it now.
he has left the building. he is off to enjoy his weekend.


what's he wearing?