Saturday, 10 October 2009

slim fit chinos

i went out yesterday with the intention to buy some traveling essentials, but i bought... balenciaga trousers instead! i've been looking for slim fit chinos for ages, and these ones fit me really well. i rarely splurge on trousers as i can't bear the thought of spending so much money on something that i will wear regularly. it's a weird mindset, but i believe it's called the diamond water paradox. we are willing to pay big bucks for diamonds, but moan when the water bills go up, when water is a necessity where we derive more use from.

a deliberation over lunch, and i decided to get it. once the trousers stretch a little it will be perfect. it's currently with the tailors to shorten the length, can't wait to get it back!

i got mine from harvey nichols. the trousers are also available online here. balenciaga is infamous for sizing issues. if you're keen, get a size down. oh yes, thinking i was a size smaller sealed the deal for me. works w00o00nders!


  1. i also want to find a pair of chinos and these are just perfect.

  2. seeing this post reminds me that i need to go shopping for new pants...but these look great on you

  3. Looks good, if u don't mind cant u tell me ur body height and the exact size u're wearing? thank you... :)

  4. a little too 'simplistic' fr balenciaga. i expect more...haha..

  5. fatah: i'm 183cm, i wore size 31 for that pair of balenciaga trousers.


    p76: i actually thought so as well, but the simplest things are also the most easy to go wrong. i really love the color and wash on those, and the subtle detailing on the pockets.

  6. You know, I have the same problem, I never splurge on things like trousers but I'm quite happy to fritter away hundreds on bags and shirts and jackets and jewellery and... come to think of it, maybe it'd be good for my bank balance if I don't start buying expensive trousers too!


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