Saturday, 3 October 2009

sneaker pimps

serial collaborator converse worked with comme des garcons "play", and the sneaker was released last month during fashion night out at dover street market. i was really keen on it, but decided that paying £75 for a classic converse sneaker with a slight twist is just too much. the sneaker is available online here.

to celebrate lanvin's 120th anniversary, they also worked with converse on a very limited range of sneakers. i asked myself if i still want the shoes if the lanvin tag wasn't there, sadly no. so i saved myself an extortionate amount of money.

perhaps the collaboration that really excites me is the one with italian fashion house missoni. talk about how to reinvent their classic zigzags and stripes! these will be available come spring 2010. now, how do i get on their waiting list??! who works for missoni or converse!

spring 2010 wishlist is just getting l00o00nger...


  1. I want the Play as well but it's so damn pricey for a simple tee or a Converse sneakers with a twist.

    That Lanvin pair makes me yawn. I love Lanvin but come on. This is a collaboration. Shouldn't it be--I don't know--better?

  2. totally agree with you.
    i NEED the missoni pair though, NEED!

  3. Curious to know the price for the Lanvin x Converse...

  4. The most beautiful are the Missoni's shoes!! It's remind me the rainbow flag. lol

  5. i actually acquired the PLAY white highcut recently! they r actually better than what i've thought. online prices are crazy,esp Jpn sites. i got mine from Taipei with excellent price!

    btw, the Lanvin - converse r hideous...


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