Friday, 9 October 2009


it's 2 more days till i depart for turkey! one of the things i'm taking with me is my orlebar brown swim shorts. not sure if there are beaches (i might cross over to greece), but i'm packing them nonetheless, they're lightweight! i got the shorts a while back and it is the best thing to have happened for men's swimwear. they are slightly pricey, but worth every penny if it makes head turn at the beach!

orlebar brown "setter" /

i always find that grown men look silly in speedos, whether you have the body of a greek god or not. these shorts cut so well, and it's really flattering. don't the guys look amazing? granted i have no pecs and washboard abs, the shorts could easily make men look decent and stylish at the beach which is no mean feat. my red shorts are actually slightly longer than campaign pics above. in hindsight i should have been more adventurous and gone for the really short ones!

orlebar brown x bill amberg /

they also did a collaboration with british bag designer bill amberg, by using the stripes that appeared in the latter's bags. i really like those, click here if you are keen.

for those into their packaging, the shorts come in a nice sturdy box with a handy drawstring bag!

excited? i am! & keep those istanbul suggestions coming, i'm taking notes!



  1. oh that's goegeous!
    would like to have one too. haha

  2. I felt that there are days when you need something short and then there are days when you need something long.

    You should have gone for the shorter version though. It's cute. Pink!

  3. i don't quite like men in speedo's either
    seems a bit loco in my opinion
    but i totally support the idea of swim shorts, if they are the right length.
    i'm getting extremely tired to men transferring their baggy clothes on over to swim apparel
    it just looks bad

  4. i'm one of "those" into the packaging, thats very nice indeed. I have to bright red tailored shorts from h&m, alas it never got warm enough in england for them. have fun!

  5. those are certainly awesome shorts. unfortunately, i would feel weird in them mostly because that part of my leg never gets sun, so not confident my white thighs will look good with short shorts


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