Monday, 26 October 2009

taboo from black eyed peas in maison martin margiela fall winter 2008

.: taboo and at the black eyed peas party at the bank in las vegas / las vegas weekly :.

the black eyed peas performed at las vegas last friday, and retreated to one of the nightclubs for their after party. band member taboo (gosh i must be old, what's wrong with names like john or david?) posed in his maison martin margiela fall winter 2008 nylon padded biker jacket, whilst came in a matching leather jacket with rather interesting trousers.

.: (left) maison martin margiela fall winter 2008 / (right) v magazine editorial :.

the jacket was one of my favourite pieces from that collection. i contemplated long and hard about buying it, but decided that the red "M" is just too striking for me. that collection marked the 20th anniversary for martin margiela, and rumoured to be the last collection by the master himself. they should be naming a new head designer shortly.

if the red "M" appeared too striking, a more sombre version is available online here. damn it, it's my size too. can they meet me half way? (hehe see what i did there with their new single?)



  1. LOL i thought the last bit with the song title was very clever :'D

  2. that's a trippy jacket. too futuristic for my taste, but the BEP do tend to be a fashionable, out-there bunch


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