Thursday, 1 October 2009

uniqlo +j now online

the jil sander designed +j range for uniqlo officially arrived in stores today. and that's the queue at their oxford street store before 8am! well we sure love our designer collaborations.

and there's more madness inside the stores!

beat the queues and shop online! if you can get the page to load that is. their website has been down on and off today. click on pic above, or here to shop the +j range online. and while you're at it here are two discount codes for you!

- save 15% when you spend £45 or more. enter code UNI15OFF at checkout.
- free standard delivery when you spend £40 or more. enter code UNIFREEDEL at checkout.

happy shopping!



  1. i like the grey blazer. do they ship internationally?

  2. no, just checked, they only do UK...

  3. I waited for quite a while. No chance of getting in and out and to work on time. Maybe later? Crazy here in the US as well.

  4. the full collection is not showing online yet ?should be 150pcs ?

  5. Went in today and purchased the black military jacket and a grey v-neck ong sleeved shirt.

    I liked the black mac as well! I was hoping for a suit, but it looks as though the women got a pretty complete collection of stuff compared to the men's range...d

  6. ... and may I add the website hasn't got any of the accessories they were stocking as well as quite a few other things. I'm talking the cashmere scarf, cashmere cardigan in numerous colours, belts in black and brown, wooly caps (or beanies as I like to call them) and yeah I could go on...

    Not real good to hear then that staff were telling people in-store today to shop online to find the size they wanted when by all accounts at the moment they're not even stocking most of the items!

  7. the collection is fantastic! there should be full stock tmr and on the 25th of october.

  8. Probably half of them are hawks who want to sell them off in ebay....

  9. I had high hopes for this collab, but thought the collection pretty disappointing on the whole, particularly the overcoats which were made of the thinnest melton imaginable.


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