Thursday, 22 October 2009

the velvet rope

can't believe i am saying this, but i really like this velvet shoe from d&g. velvet and deep wine colored, they know how to get me.

d&g is at most times, loud and tacky. but i am really liking what they've done this season. fusing military (i have a soft spot for all things military...) and art influences into one rather underrated collection. it's like balancing toughness with the delicate. the velvet just adds to the romanticism feel. here are two of my favourite pieces from the collection:

the military jacket retails for about £800+ whilst the floral blazer retails for about £600+. both with rather limited shelf life, but i love them a lot. zara totally ripped off this collection but the feel is no way close. and if zara is on the bandwagon, it's terrible to say but it's a flattery to whoever they're trying to emulate. and again terrible to say: if any of above pieces get to the winter sale i'm going to get one.

quite possibly the only time i'm saying it but i love what d&g has done.




  1. would you happened to know how much is goyard st. louis gm in london?

  2. anon: i have no idea. my guess would be £550+.

    give them a call at +44 (0)2074789900 or email them at they are very friendly and should be able to answer your queries.


  3. would anyone happen to know what pants he is wearing in that picture? i NEED those!

  4. I saw the military jacket in the store the other day and it took my breath away. really. too expensive though!

    p.s. love lily allen!

  5. anon: the trousers are by d&g, those were runway backstage pics...

  6. Oh God, I love these shoes! But since I can't have suede for five minutes without dripping something on them I'm not sure velvet is the most practical fabric!

  7. I tried the jacket at Selfridges the other day, and can I say that they're absolutely wonderful? Seriously, I felt like I was BEYOND this earth when I put it on. So luxurious and cut so beautifully. The bad thing is that they didn't have the size I was after... which is a good thing, in a way, cos I would've indulgently splurged on this and live on grass for the coming month!

  8. The thing about D&G is that the pieces are always too loud to last several seasons, like the military jacket..

  9. I thought their quilted shawl collar blazers from last winter were pure genius. I avoid going to their store because I knew I would purchase one.


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