Monday, 19 October 2009

vintage hermès auction

the semi annual vintage hermès auction curated by parisian auction house "artcurial" is here again. the auction is due to take place on 10th november in paris, but bidders can also place bids online. it's always interesting to peruse the bidding catalog to see what fascinating stuff hermès made in the past. here are a few of my picks:

hermès "drag" 55cm travel bag in cream canvas and mustard grained leather. isn't this just... stunning. the auction estimate is between €3,500 - €4,000.

a very well loved 65cm vintage hermès trunk. auction estimate at €150 - €200. i doubt it will actually sell for that, it should fetch much more. if it's really sold at €200, it will make a fantastic piece of furniture or collectible for the vintage hermès newbies. that sticker just adds so much more charm to the trunk.

a utterly gorgeous vintage hermès clock circa 1960s. estimated between €400 - €700, i want to wake up to this everyday. 00o00h gorgeous.

hermès ostrich skin envelope measuring 15.5cm by 11cm. auction estimate at €150 - €200. if the estimate's accurate, it's an amazing piece at a really good price. the brand new calf leather versions go for much more than that at the stores. i really really like this piece.

and a comb which comes in a red leather pouch, estimated at €20 - €30. totally frivolous yet heirloom worthy. i want...

click here to view all the items up for auction. a note to those interested in online bidding: you need to register at least a few days in advance of auction date. and factor in an additional 50% of auction price being fees and possible shipping charges if you're the winner bidder.

let me know if you're bidding!



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  2. They really have some nice pieces on auction!
    Are you actually going to bid on all these items? The vintage clock is a must have!

  3. I want the ostrich skin envelope!

    Sad to say, I'm not bidding but it's oh so nice!


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