Thursday, 8 October 2009

where will life take you

blue mosque /

they say go with your heart every once in a while, do something impromptu with life, pack your bags and explore. i've just booked myself on a trip to... istanbul, departing this sunday! i have a week of lull time so i thought i better do something with my life. i'll be spending 5 full days there, and when i return, i'll be embarking on a new project at work. it's a new chapter in life for me.

part of me says no, i don't want to travel alone. but part of me says go and venture out of the comfort zone, go do something non-fashion related for once. go reclaim some of the independence and vigour which i seem to have lost over the years.

i've booked my accommodation and will be staying at the old part of town. i'm going to get a guidebook today, but i would also greatly appreciate any suggestions to interesting places, off beaten paths or must see sites. please let me know if you've been!

ok off to get my currencies now...



  1. I am sure you are going to have a great time! Please post a pic of what you are going to pack for your trip, it is always interesting to see ;-).

  2. Have a great trip, Joe! I'm sure you'll come back all the more worldly and wiser. Istanbul sounds good right about now.

  3. Going to Istanbul next year, will pick your brain after you get back on what to do over there.

    Have fun!

  4. Enjoy the trip! The grand bazaar is a treasure trove of many little things:-P ANd drink lots of apple tea:-)

    And by travelling alone, it encourages you to make new friends!:-P

    Have fun!

  5. Oh try to catch a performance of the whirling have to plan and book appointment or something to get in! Me and my friends miss out on that...sob sob.

  6. went there about 10 years ago and thought it was amazing. Rhe Blue Mosque is sensational. Found the people friendly too. Have fun!

  7. I always travel alone. It's fun!

    Istanbul sounds great. I'm actually envious.

    Enjoy your trip, Joe.

  8. im so excited for you!!! congratulations!

    i would love to be able to see all the beauty of the mosques around the world.

  9. Hey 00o00,
    Don't miss out the spice market and bazaar market! Lots of thrift shop too... have fun!!! I find traveling alone much interesting, self exploration! but take care of your belongings in Istanbul, especially pick pockets!

  10. Joe,

    Have the best time ever! I am very envious as I have always wanted to visit Istanbul. I am sure you will discover many things about the city and yourself. Cheers!

  11. ciya restaurant - we went there 3 days in a row!!! you need to take the ferry from old town and then it is 10mn walk. Better to go at night.

  12. The Blue Mosque is breathtaking. Pictures do not do it justice! Also, as others have said, the Grand Bazaar is a must... The hustle and bustle of that market is so interesting. A place called the Kervansary has delicious food and a sick belly-dancing show entertaining you while you await your 5-course meals... Haha.

    Have fun!
    xx GGGB

  13. how come no one mentioned turkish baths??

  14. old city and bazaar are charming, Galata tower is a must, Tunel area is cool, Istikilal Street might be too boring after a while and keep having dinners on breath-taking-view-roof-tops!
    Check the Istanbul Biennale on various sites.
    The Garconniere just returned from Istanbul so here are 2 quick fashion tips:
    1Next to W hotel check Mark Jacobs (2stores!) and others high-end brands. Until yesterday they offered 70%! on last seasons.
    2Check this store: (on Abdi İpekçi Cad. No: 29/Z Nişantaşı)- Updated young American and European brands.
    T.baths - is a good example for classic Turkish bath in an amazing building (see Kate Moss in W magazine last year). Also some good hotels have excellent spa services.
    The Garconniere

  15. ok different than other suggestions some important should-do's are missing i guess:

    1 / you should definitely have a look at the istanbul modern museum( an old entrepo turned into a museum) then experience the cafe inside where you can lounge in style just next to incredible bosphorus. (it has an interesting shop aswell).

    2 / you can try kanyon shopping mall for the elegant modern architecture, nicely-tuned fashion stores (it has an harvey nichols inside) and some sophisticated bars-cafes on top.

    3 / go to 360 istanbul. (one of the most popular restaurants located at an iconic building at beyoglu area where you can see istanbul landscape completely.)

    4 / see the Fransiz Sokagi (French Street in Turkish) at Beyoglu area. it's very interesting. with galleries, cafes and ateliers.

    5 / see Hagia Sophia. (a former patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, now museum.) truly history. than have a look at Topkapi Palace, truly Ottoman.

    6 / see the biennale.

    7 / go to Otto at Santral Istanbul.

    timeout should have nice offers for you too and keep us updated on your journey. :)

    have fun - blanket.

  16. istanbul is amazing place.


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