Sunday, 25 October 2009

youtube sundays

the recent dull and grey weather in london reminded me of the scenes from above ad commissioned by british broadcaster ITV. director rupert sanders, who won this years cannes lions grand prix, created a scene in which we find children exploring a dull, boring britain until they pierce the clouds above by throwing stones, letting out ray after ray of sunshine. by producing such a bold, filmic, long-length television advert, ITV is also showcasing how powerful the medium of television remains and why brands should use television to communicate their messages.

it's a very upbeat and optimistic 2mins ad. there's something powerful in delivering a message using a child's innocence and adventure. crank up the volume, watch the clip and make your sunday better.

this is so apt on a personal level. a new chapter begins for me tomorrow: i am starting a new job, carving a new path. let's throw our own stones, create our own destinies. i hope a glorious future awaits.



  1. Good luck for your first day at work tomorrow!

  2. beautiful ad! and good luck with your new job. here's to brighter days ahead!

  3. itv rocks. why cant i get itv in singapore.

  4. Dear ooooooo, congrats on your new gig. Are you talking over the house of LV or Hermes? :)

    Recessionistas need to know.
    xxoo, MH


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