Monday, 9 November 2009

you've probably read it on facebook, twitter, blogs, webzines and all other social media platforms that burberry today launched a website called "artofthetrench". if you've been reading this blog for the past year and the half, you should gather that i have a lot of love and respect for the house of burberry. and i don't say this easily.

innovation is what they do. the trench coat has been tweaked and modified each season. in tough retail times, they think about ways to reach out to their customers. what a better way to engage the audience by getting the hottest street style photographer right now to showcase how the classic trench could be relevant and worn in different ways, in a seemingly real environment.

social media platforms is all about being interactive (which i kinda suck at as i am bad at returning emails or comments on my blog). to really push the boat, users can rate and comment on their favourite pics. for the brave ones, you can upload your own pic and see what others really think of your look. does it, but this is the first time a major fashion house is embracing the idea. they were one of the first to stream their fashion show real time too. all these little changes and innovation, active rather than reactive. that's what my boss said anyways: lead the pack or fall behind.

anyway, back to the site. i can't believe only 45 people like that rainy day pic. it's a typical scene in london, yet it doesn't faze him. that waistcoat, that poise, the flapping of the trench in the showers. i feel ashamed now, whenever it pours i put on my rubber soled shoes and keep my expensive coats in the cupboard. but how ironic, the trench is actually made for the outdoors and is shower proof.

what an essay. you're probably bored by now. but later today there'll be a "tuesday inspiration" post. it'll probably make more sense when that's posted, but it hurts me to say, money can't buy style. i'm better off spending time, learning how to walk straight and be confident. those 2 gents up there look amazing because of their poise and the presence they command, and of course the trench helps. i might as well say it since it's on everyone's mind (don't deny it): how we wish we could be a part of this amazing project. but i am still that slightly awkward duckling in the corner.

ok i dug into my archive: as britney would sing "i'm not a trench not yet a mac either..."

dear sartorialist, of all places i was inside the fitting room at harvey nichols!

visit for some of the amazing streetstyle pics, or upload your own.



  1. man i love those brown suede shoes of urs, if i may ask where from?

    riveting blog btw!

  2. seif: thanks :)
    the shoes are from paul smith

  3. Don't get me wrong I do love your coat, and your editorial about burbery is really good, but with that said what caught my attention at the end of the day was how white the wall is with the floor, it seems like you are almost flying, very interesting!^^

  4. i would be completely LOST without the trench coat, i wear one at least once a week.
    absolutely true about the posture.

  5. I like trenchcoat's, but the new burberry side is very boring

  6. funny that you posted the rainy day picture, I was one of the 45 that voted "like this!"!

    I have a trench from Banana Republic but lately I've been thinking I really should invest in a classic Burberry trench since I practically LIVE in my trench and the BR really isn't living up to what I want.

  7. I do like the Burberry brand but the artofthetrench is more of a glorified flash image gallery. there's no real innovation into using social media here!

  8. I was debating whether I should get a Burberry coat in Milan, but my wallet got the best of me. One day, I'd definitely invest in one.


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