Friday, 27 November 2009

COS spring summer 2010 leather sandals

cos is one of my favourite shops. i don't think it is widely available outside of europe, so for those visiting london, a visit to their flagship at regent street is a must. they do really nice functional pieces, with an emphasis on quality of materials used, and keeping retail prices down. when i saw the spring 2010 sandals, i tell myself i really want it. with the sleek thin leather soles, it's less marrakech souk but more portebello market chic.

the sandals were featured extensively in their spring summer 2010 lookbook. i am loving that pair of shorts too, but not sure if i am brave enough to wear them. the shorts will retail for £29, and the sandals for £79.



  1. I was surprised to learn today that H&M owns COS. And sadly, they don't have a single store in Norway. Boo!

  2. those are super slick. have you seen the new lookbook? link please. i'm moving to london soon, i'll be there every weekend

  3. why are you not brave to wear them? - ck

  4. ck: just seems very revealing, esp if you have taller guys. not sure, i will try it out when it arrives in stores. the price is good i must admit...


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