Thursday, 5 November 2009

dear stella

dear stella,

can you make the stella mccartney x gapkids band jacket in adult sizes please? i am size 48, or medium if it's S, M or L.

love you,




  1. Don't you have a jacket like this at Zara or H&M?? I saw it somewhere...

  2. Speaking of sizes, I've asked you about this already in Comme des Garcons post but you haven't answered.
    What size are you at CDG - S or M?I must have the same size I think that's why I'm curious

  3. I third this! It's brilliant. I'm a massive military, band and naval jacket man! Anything that makes me look more important than I actually am.

  4. this is totally off topic, but i gotta ask you this
    where can i find meggings online? i searched and searched, please help me
    ur the man! :D

  5. I love that little band jacket, so much that I'm going to buy it for my 5 year old daughter and I'll see if the largest size can fit me!

  6. daniel: really?! let me go rummage again...

    george: sorry, missed that reply. i've not tried CDG before so i'm not sure of their sizing really. give them a call, they should be good.

    carwyn: loving that statement!

    f: there's a reason why we can't find meggings online... we should avoid them!

    girl6: lucky you!

    davine: yes lets petition!

  7. okay, the whole band jacket thing has never been my style, but seriously ever since seeing "This Is It" MJ sold me on things that not even the Paris Vogue team could.

    but i gotta give stella credit, that is a great jacket, there's a certain je ne sais quoi to it. i see people buying these and selling them for 5x the price on ebay. i could probably fit a Medium in it, i wear a Medium in boys shirts already.

  8. no we should NOT avoid meggings! I love my pair very much and can't wait to buy a second, if only i got the Odon voyk when i had the chance :/

  9. I'm certainly hoping that the biggest size will fit me. Lol. I just pray that the collection will reach the Philippines.

  10. and if you could send one my way too...that would be AWESOME! :]


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