Monday, 9 November 2009

fashion three way

details magazine did an interesting feature, where they showed how 3 small tweaks can drastically improve an outfit. i saw the pics, and thought "wow it worked, they made him less boring!".

and then i realised they changed him from the outfit in green, to the outfit in blue, not the other way round as i thought!

really?? i can see how the 3 subtle tweakings changed his look, but the look on the right is supposedly the "drastically improved" outfit? they swapped his margiela sneakers for clarks desert boots!

ok this guy kyle is a personal trainer, with a body like that he'll look good even with a bin liner. but i really think the "before" outfit is way more interesting and doesn't need that tweaking. so let's do a poll (come on give me some support, "before" is the better look!):

poll closes tuesday night. click here for the feature from, and to see which 3 subtle tweakings were made.



  1. Both looks are good I think - the only thing I'm really glad they changed is his eyeglasses!

  2. That's definitely more than 3 tweaks.
    I see: changed sunglasses, t-shirt, cardigan and shoes, and removed necklace. So that's 5 changes.
    Anyway, I like the MMM sneakers, they're obviously cool, but I don't think they work here. I like the after look better, its more clean cut.
    Maybe if he was wearing skinny jeans he could have kept the sneakers.

  3. i still think after is better. y?
    1. if he wears the high-cut margiela,
    he shld pair with slimmer/skinny jeans;
    2 the upper sweater makes him look 'fatter' also - it doesn't bring out his 'trainer' shape.

    after the re-make, he looks better in shape, and more 'kept', really.

    just my 2 cents.

  4. I agree with p76. Before really is undoubtedly more interesting, but the after look makes him look like much less of a tool. More age appropriate I suppose. I would never swap out Margiela for anything though...maybe Lanvin.

  5. He shouldn't have put on these awful jeans in the first place

  6. after by far, he looks more comfortable and more his age. also don't like the fit of the green cardi, maybe thats got something to do with it

  7. to be honest, both looks are not good! could be better!!!

  8. If I have to choose, I'd say after looks smarter, but that's being too kind because he STILL looks like a douchebag...

  9. Both looks are average. The before one is more rugged and all over the place. The after one is conservative and boring. The sneakers in the aren't flattering in the first one. It's too sporty compared with the rest of the outfit. The necklace hangs there without any purpose. The after photo is something he should rob a rank in. He could make his getaway by easily blending into the crowd after.

  10. The after look.. Because I have the same shoes.. hehe


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