Monday, 16 November 2009

forgive me i subscribed to the hype...

the jimmy choo x h&m collection launched on saturday 14th. i expected there to be scenes of chaos since it's a saturday launch date so i decided to stay away. plus there was torrential rain and strong winds so i stayed indoors. sunday was a completely different picture, the sun was out, and so was i. i thought i'll check out what's leftover from the collection at h&m. surprisingly, everything i wanted was still available.

i've been yakking about this pair of suede boots for ages, and i managed to find the last pair in my size. to be very honest, it wasn't very well made, it was ok. for £69.99 it was reasonable but not considered a bargain. but the plus side is that it is very comfortable. very very comfy.

the dusty suede shoes...

the next item on my wishlist was the electric blue cashmere jumper. there were still quite a few left on the rails. at £69.99, it is again reasonable but not exactly considered a bargain hence it's not flying off the rails just yet. the cashmere's rather thin though, i felt rather exposed even though i have another layer underneath.

much as i like the soft touch and vibrant color, i decided not to get it as i can get better quality cashmere jumpers elsewhere on the highstreet.

the third item on my wishlist was the leather jacket. i went a size down and tried on "small" as i felt it fitted better. the jacket is made from lambs/napa leather, so it was very pleasing to the touch. i really like the jacket, i thought it fitted well, but it just lacked a little something. it retails for £179, again reasonable but i think it lacks a bit of wow factor. so i put the jacket back.

yea my hunt for the leather jacket continues...

i had a very long week, thought i'll stay home and be a vegetable but i can't resist the lure of jimmy choo x h&m. so i threw on something comfy and headed off in my own pace without the need to overtake every slow moving tourist at oxford circus. i wore my green polo ralph lauren cable knit jumper, greyish green trousers from balenciaga, blue suede shoes from zara and smelling of ysl l'homme.

love suede shoes!



  1. thanks for your post. Now it's making me less depressed not having H&M in Australia. Was in London 3 weeks ago and the shopping there is incredible.

  2. got the shoes, the jacket and the longsleeve ?!?!?

    The jacket was sold out here in germany!

    : D

  3. I had a look the collection on Sunday... very uninspiring on the whole. I did like the v-neck though but agree that it was a bit thin. The brown bag was also quite nece too.

  4. i hate uuu i was couple of hours late and everything was sold out in torontoooooo... i cant blive ittt didnt even take a day,...

  5. SO GLAD YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED!!! YAY YOU!!! you look brillant in the electric blue cashmere jumper!!!

  6. I really don't know why everybody who bought this collection should apologise. It seems that's "in" to don't have any items from this collection. I wonder why?

  7. i think ur suede grey-blue shoes from
    zara is actually nicer! haha

  8. was in beijing trying to buy some jimmy choo for H&M. launched 14nov and guess what? none left! gosh...


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