Tuesday, 3 November 2009

h&m loving

the amazing thing about h&m is that they have fresh new products every time i am there. i think that is vital, especially for low margins high volume businesses like h&m. here's what i found this week:

they had this gorgeous midnight blue leather jacket on their mannequin, which is a smart move as it's such a lovely piece. i bought a leather jacket from them last year, but i noticed they've now cropped their sizing, making it more fitting.

the leather jacket fitted really nicely, i really like it, but...

the thing that let me down was the buttons, it just doesn't wow me, or entice me to fork out £129 for this leather jacket. part of me was undecided too, as i have my eye on the jimmy choo x h&m leather jacket.

the most exciting range at h&m right now is "man trend". it's slightly pricier than their normal clothing, but most of the h&m pieces i've featured here were from "man trend". this distressed denim shirt totally floats my boat. the color, the wash, the little little details, i really can't fault it.

3 buttoned cuffs and distressed details make this £29.99 denim shirt. i bagged it home!

i wouldn't wear it with blue denims, too cowboy! but i wore my diesel black gold denims and matthew williamson x h&m trainers that day.

distressed / de-stress!



  1. don't be a button hater. I love the buttons even if I can't say the same about the jacket.

  2. How funny I bought same shirt today =)

  3. I love that jacket! Please buy it so I can live vicariously through you :-)

  4. i have a theory about h&m that it is better for men than women.

  5. get the denim shirt. no doubt about that.

  6. You of course are small frame, no body fat and would look good in a basic t-shirt from what i see, so honestly you can be as picky with button's!
    When your a taller, bigger guy anything that fits from H&M can be very exciting even the button's!

  7. anon: i'm 1.83m tall and wear size medium for their clothes, hardly small frame!

  8. your are right the "men trend" line is the best and the denim shirt is great!

  9. what type of jeans would you wear that shirt with?

  10. Hi mate, cool denim shirt you have there! :DDD Just something random, what size do you normally wear - S,M,L? Cheers, Bryan ~

  11. can you meassure the armpit to armpit of the jeans shirt of your size M
    i really love it i have to search for a proxy to holland

  12. I went to regent street store today and saw the jacket. I loved it, but the price kept me from buying it.


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