Sunday, 1 November 2009

happy hall00o00ween

i wanted to post this earlier but blogger's been having problems, some of the people in europe can't access blogger at all. anyway, that's my cheap and cheerful credit crunch busting halloween outfit:

- eye brows and mustache: £0.99
- bandage with red ink: self made
- martin margiela khaki t-shirt: from the wardrobe
- nerdy specs: from the wardrobe
- military hat: bought from flea market years ago

i was supposed to be a wounded soldier but nobody believed me, but we all had an amazing time that's all that matters. it's 5:15am now and we've just got home. the wounded soldier is going to bed now.

& keep those entries coming for the "ck free" fragrance giveaway. i've been reading the messages you guys enclosed too, thank you :)

ok Zzzzzz now. good night/morning



  1. no pants/trousers/anything?:P

  2. FS: that would be a scary thought!
    nah it wasn't very exciting, jeans and trainers...


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