Wednesday, 11 November 2009

the iphone has landed

i'm probably the least gadget savvy person ever. like, i only just got my iphone? orange is the 2nd mobile network provider to offer 3G services for the iphone. my contract with them expired, so i called for an upgrade and got the phone for free.

spent 30mins trying to work out where to slot in the sim card. then spent the rest of the evening trying to register the phone, but first they need me to sync itunes to iphone. but i need to first upgrade my ancient itunes to the current version. but to install the current itunes version, i need to first upgrade my mac osx version. did that, installed new itunes, but they said i need to download the lastest quicktime player in order to launch new itunes. so after numerous new updates and restarting of computer, i finally got to register the iphone.

the little details i sweat. and once i get the 3G working, and learn how to tweet on the go, you guys shall be bombarded.

now comes the very important question: what iphone case should i get?! suggestions please, and no louis vuitton nor hermes cases.

now where's that mute/vibrate function again...


  1. hello kitty 35th anniversary! :)

  2. Have fun with yr new phone! And maybe check out the new Mulberry's range designed for Apple, available at Selfridges. Regards!

  3. I'm less tech savvy than you. My mobile phone is almost 5 years old and my MacBook almost 4. thank goodness I upgraded to Snow Leopard but it's still kinda slow.

    it's fashion's fault. I keep buying things I don't need.

    speaking of fashion, have you seen Lady Gaga's new vid with the McQueen shoes and tons of outfit changes? fab!

  4. Gareth Pugh for Another Magazine.

  5. this is a nice iPhone cover.

  6. I'd buy a griffin grain leather case. Functional and stylish

  7. Congrats on your new iphone and welcome to the club :D

    I stand by my Hermes Blue jean/ brique combo iphone case. It's 'discreet' and not bulky imho.

    In any case i'm sure you'll find yourself a beautiful case.

  8. Congrats on your iPhone! What about a Smythson, if they still carry it?

  9. Congrats for the new iphone. I'll take one in january....if i still have money after december.

  10. Not exactly sure what type of case you want, but this website has a very extensive collection. Its where I got the case for my BB 8900, and everyone loves it. I love it too. :)

    Enjoy your phone! I had an iPhone for a bit, but the touch screen was to big of a con for me. I still would like an iTouch. :/

  11. get the grindr app sooooo addictive.

  12. I got mine from ..the pricey one is fun, I enjoy mine entirely (The first five listed in their products).

  13. What about this case? My favorite.

  14. Miniot iWood Oak case! only the best.

  15. I think you shd go green and get something different like this! compared to every1 else's leather whatever

    get it in rich mahogany or padoak!
    :D :D

  16. I got mine from Sena.

    Like the slim type and many colours to choose from. It's affordable too ;-)

    I also recently upgraded my 2-year old MacBook to Snow Leopard. It's much faster now.


  17. I have the Griffin Reveal and no one knows that there's a case on unless I tell them :P And after 8 months, no scratches or dings.

    Congrats on the iPhone!

  18. oh com on! this griffin and hrad graft cases aren´t for mr.00o00!!! He needs something special : D

    i could sew one for you, what do you think about denim! ; )

    in addition to that i totally agree with ALLEN about gaga´s new video!!!!

  19. I second the Sena ultra-slim. They were the first (that I know of) to put out the simple sleeve design. Mine has been in and out of my pocket dozens of times every day for a year. The phone is doing fine despite a few small drops. I paired it with antiglare film so no scratches on the screen:

  20. Hi Joe,

    take a look at this Austrain company's phone cases:

    I am very happy with mine!


  21. Hey,

    I used to work at apple. The best selling case was the Incase Slider case its not bulky and it allows yo to dock it in a music player. It also has internal rubber bumpers in the event of a drop. Coupled with the anti glare film cover for the glass screen it is fully protected (even though they say its scratch resistant) i have had keys in the same pocket scratch mine :( and on my 2nd iphone i got the screen protector right when i got it.

    Victor F.


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