Friday, 6 November 2009

jam & jerusalem

i went to the topman x timeout shoppers event yesterday, here's what i picked:

gosh i need to suck in that pot belly! and pardon the clashing stripes, i went to the event after work. i bought this rather chanel-ey cardigan, from a label called "the village green". it's a nice cotton cardigan, adorned with gold buttons.

but soon i realised that the last button was missing, and i decided to go one size up so it'll look better with skinny trousers.

it's simple yet with quirky details, i love it! the cardigan is also available online here.

i did ponder over the button issue. it would have been perfect if it was slightly tarnished with a vintage feel.

i also tried on another similar cardigan, but this was cream colored with contrasting bands on the pockets. the striped top was the first to catch my eye, and hence i decided to go with my first instinct.

the cream colored "village green" cardigan is also available online here.

hmmm maybe i should go get some antique-y buttons and change them myself...

"we are the village green preservation society
god save strawberry jam & all the different varieties
preserving the old ways from being abused
protecting the new ways for me & for you
what more can we do
god save the village green. ~ the kinks



  1. oh i like the cream one. i agree, a less shiny button would be nicer.

  2. I spy a burberry trench there....anyway too bad I didnt catch this cardigan when I was in HK. Lovely pick.

    Cardigan does have a way of making the belly bigger than it is....

  3. Erm - let's face it. Neither of them compliment your body in a good way...

    (though the buttons issue would be the dealbreaker for me.)

    Please return them!!

  4. sorry but these make you look over weight! you always sink in the clothes you try, here you look a giant! maybe because they're in white? or the stripes? dunno, they don't look appealing to me ;s

  5. Well, stripes are actually suppose to make you look skinny cause of the optical illusion and all. I agree with you, the first one is way better looking than the cream version. With the shinny buttons and blue/pink colored pockets it's way to much. The strippes are perfect. Maybe it was the angle you took the picture, or maybe you should think about hitting the gym more often...I don't really care^^, I don't don't judge people based on their weight lol

  6. the 2nd one is uber neat ebcause of the contrast colored pockets. that detailing is just so cute! the first one gave me a bit of a headache with all the stripes (shirt and cardigan). but it was very nice. either sweater was a good choice though.

  7. The trench is way too distracting (i luv it) & to be honest the cardi isn’t my favourite but despite these virtual opinions did you purchase it?


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