Thursday, 26 November 2009

jamie redknapp in louis vuitton and balenciaga fall winter 2009

back on monday, stella mccartney invited her friends to her store at bruton street in london for her annual christmas lights switching event. she's been decorating her building for christmas every year without fail, and it's actually a delight to walk past bruton street as it adds a lot of charm to the normally quaint street.

footballer/critic jamie redknapp attended the event with wife louise. jamie wore a black cardigan over a white shirt, and kept warm in a louis vuitton cashmere and silk stole from the fall winter 2009 collection.

the stole is one of my favourite items from the show, and was high on my wishlist. was, because the stole retails for £430. much as i like it, i find it too exorbitant.

what surprised me, was jamie's choice of footwear. he wore a pair of black balenciaga leather and nylon sneakers from the fall winter 2009 collection. i would have completely missed that out if not for the interesting detail on the side.

.: balenciaga sneakers from fall winter 2009 :.

i think jamie looked great for that event. simple yet stylish. very nice.

source: getty images



  1. that sneaker was marked down quite alot in brownsfashion and I still wondering Y i did not get a pair myself.

    I notice most footballers thighs are too huge to look good in skinny jeans :)

    personally i think he look best in a Liverpool shirt :)

  2. It Should be a diff or close colorway as his is from the latest collection and not marked down yet...

  3. it helps that he such eye candy too :)

  4. Love those sneakers!

  5. So nice to see a "footballer and his wife" combination with a little less (actually a lot) than the usual all-out bling.

  6. you. need. that. scarf!


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