Wednesday, 4 November 2009

jimmy choo x H&M fashion event in LA

jimmy choo and h&m threw a party in LA last night to celebrate the upcoming launch of the limited edition collection on 14th november. a whole host of female celebs were dressed in that collection, click here for more pics.

the guys were represented by a chilli pepper and one of the fantastic fours:

jimmy choo president tamara mellon with anthony kiedis of red hot chilli peppers. tamara carried one of the clutch from the collaboration, while anthony wore the electric blue jimmy choo x h&m cashmere jumper.

"fantastic four" actor ioan gruffudd arrived with wife alice evans. ioan wore the jimmy choo x h&m leather jacket, with 6 pockets at the front. 6 packs? the jacket neither flatters nor displease. it's quite a non event really.

and why did they not dress him in a pair of jimmy choo x h&m shoes, considering the former is famous for shoes?

the event includes a showcase of what's arriving in stores next saturday. maybe the menswear and accessories wasn't the strong selling point for this collaboration, i am still very lukewarm.

to queue or not to queue...



  1. dont queue... the pieces looks quite ordinary for menswear, you can buy them even without this collaboration happening!! dont cave in to the hype!!

  2. the mens collection is nothign special all the clothes are very basic, you could probably find them elsewhere for half the price. the only thing that stands out are the bags.

  3. agreed. wait for a few months when ebay sellers are giving you money to take the men pieces off their hands.

  4. or it will be in the bargain bin. Really yawn worthy!

  5. I won't que up, it's really not that exciting. Maybe I will get the black chelsea boots.
    I bet the bags will end up on sale (especially in Vienna).

  6. I love the cashmere t-shirt, especially the blue electric.
    And the black model with the blue scarf is gorgeous!!!

  7. can't believe Ioan's choice of shoes at AN EVENT FOR SHOES. Did he not think people might look at his footwear given the circumstance?!


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