Sunday, 15 November 2009

john varvatos limited edition lamb skin jacket with shearling hood

i've been looking for the leather jacket for ages: one that has smooshy soft leather, and preferably with a fur/shearling collar. i feel that a good leather jacket is worth the investment as it will age beautifully, but i've yet to make the plunge. i've not met the one really.

the john varvatos jacket is quite something. anyone who had a feel of lambskin would know how amazing that is, and i feel lambskin is far more superior to calf as a material for jackets. and the jacket comes with a removable shearling hood, which looks like it will warm anyone's cockles.

however i am not really feeling the padded look, as the jacket is lined with shearling for the utmost luxurious feel. could be a bad choice of model but nice jacket, doesn't flatter him. for those in the US, this jacket is available for sale for a limited time only, for US$4,295.

my search for that perfect leather jacket continues...



  1. it's bulky, i hate bulky
    it seams heavy and uncomfy
    i'd rather get a fitted leather jacket by all saints than this one. the price isn't helping either lol


what's he wearing?