Monday, 23 November 2009

jvdf holiday 2009 lizard skin wallets

i think i am moving on to a stage in life where i am appreciating the beauty of exotic leathers. i featured jvdf a few months back, and now they are launching a new holiday 2009 collection. part of the collection includes the above range of very delectable wallets, card holders, passport covers etc, all made in lizard skin and lined with vintage silk. i really like the shades used, the contrast stitching and the etching of the logo in gold. it's just so retro-ly stylish, if at all possible.

each piece is apparently hand made, with the wallets starting at US$290. i think that's good value, considering there won't be many people having the same wallet. l00o00ve!




  1. Love the wallets. Visited the site, and there is nothing to explore. Just a "coming soon".

  2. i think he's running a very small business so no online ops yet. there's an email add on the site, if you are keen, email him for more info.

    i find that to be the beauty of it all, the wallets are nice and very exclusive in distribution

  3. I like the wallets. But is 290 really the price of the wallet?
    Sounds more like the price of the card holder.
    Let's grow up Later


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