Tuesday, 17 November 2009

loewe launches e-commerce site

i've been waiting for this day for ages: spanish luxury label loewe finally launched it's e-commerce site today. loewe doesn't have a menswear outpost in the uk, much as i love their products i just can't see it in person. finally, a chance now to order it online.

and the item that sets my heart aflutter: the amazona 44 in gold suede.

the product pic / still life doesn't do it justice. the suede is amazingly soft and luxurious. how would i know? i saw it last week up close!!!

the version in black suede is just to die for! measuring 44cm in length, this is one very handsome manbag. the version in gold suede triumphs, but knowing me i will be so paranoid to use it. the black is more practical, and i am honestly, seriously, hands on my heart, contemplating it.

the bag retails for £1,250.

if la bundchen agrees and gives a victory sign, that's the seal of approval right?

explore the world of loewe and it's e-commerce site here.



  1. The manbag. For me it will always come back to the question "does it look like a lady's handbag?"

    Generally not, if the bag looks like it has an obvious purpose (laptop, brief case, tennis, sailing, gym). But if it is just decorative, then ....

  2. The black one is kinda cool despite being terribly expensive. But it must weight a lot, no?

  3. my country of residence is not there. :(

  4. The suede bags from Loewe are extremely light weight! Gorgeous. No U.S.??? What???

  5. I have no experience with this brands clothing. However the cosmetics I purchased was not the best (and the fragrance is terrible).

  6. That hottness modelo looks like "Zack" (fictional character) from "saved by the bell"!


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