Friday, 6 November 2009

meanwhile at the bakerloo line south bound platform...

they making a comeback?

pierre cardin was considered an avant garde designer back in his days, and was a member of the prestigious "chambre syndicale de la haute couture". but rampant licensing is all i can remember now, which is sad.



  1. You know i was just thinking about the brand recently. If they follow gucci's steps and buy back all those licenses they can really rise from the ashes.

  2. the licensing really did tarnish the prestige of the brand.
    a lot of previous labels are rising again: balmain, schiaparelli, etc...

  3. Apparently Pierre Cardin and Thierry Mugler are both making high fashion comebacks soon.. first they might need to deal with the issue of the 'Pierre Cardin' wallets you can get for about £10... although the fact that you can still get legitimately licensed Balmain pens and hair extensions (!) doesn't hold them back from charging 10k for a coat..

  4. Let's not forget Balenciaga too...

  5. the nasty Balenciaga stuff in Asia...ughh!!! and the Burberry items in Japan *cringe*


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