Friday, 6 November 2009

oxford circus is no longer a shit hole! (almost)

the newly renovated and relaunched crossing at oxford circus / getty images

my lord, is that really oxford circus? i've long avoided that crossing as it's been bugged by constant roadworks, preachers with their megaphones telling us we're all sinners, slow moving zombified tourists, parents with their pushchairs (leave the bloody kids at home if you're going shopping!), tourists who cannot wait to shop and drag their huge ass cheap ass trolley luggage fucks with them as soon as they touched down. it used to take me like forever to turn from one corner to the other. yes oxford circus was a shit hole, until this week when they unveiled this much improved crossing, modelled after those in japan.

yes i am almost feeling the love for oxford circus now. almost, they just need to get rid of that ugly shop selling undies at one of the corners. like, that's a prime spot with millions of traffic passing through, and they let a cheap ass undies shop take up tenancy there? so at the four corners we have benetton, h&m, nike town, and cheap ass undies shop?!

anyway, almost loving oxford circus there.



  1. people need their underwear! haha

  2. Don't drink and blog haha :D

  3. lol "cheap ass undies" no pun intended right?

  4. i loved everyword made me laugh its exactly what i used to think until the new crossing was born. it was incredible how fast i was able to get from topshop to h&m last friday

  5. "WOW-CIR,CUS"


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