Saturday, 14 November 2009

perfumer olivier polge in balenciaga menswear fall winter 2009

on wednesday, balenciaga held a fragrance launch at new york city. this is the first fragrance to have been introduced ever since the house of balenciaga was revived. balenciaga entered into a partnership with coty fragrances, and from what i assumed, olivier polge is the "nose" behind this latest fragrance.

last month, olivier was the recipient of the 10th prix international du parfum, in what i can only imagine as the oscars of the perfume world. olivier is also the son of jacques polge, the in-house perfumer for chanel. amazing isn't it?

at the fragrance launch, oliver wore a grey wool military style jacket from balenciaga menswear fall winter 2009.

the green version of that jacket was featured in their lookbook. i prefer the green, but i guess grey/black would be more suitable for the fragrance launch. the military jacket is a recurring item from balenciaga menswear, and it gets tweaked every season. for spring 2009, the jacket had shoulder epaulets and exposed pocket buttons. for fall 2009, the pockets had hidden buttons, which i think is more sleek.

i believe the new fragrance is for the ladies, and should be available soon. i love the bottle, it reminded me of the bottle for "le dix", their first ever perfume.

if i am not mistaken, this is the advertising campaign for their new fragrance, starring french actress charlotte gainsbourg, daughter of jane birkin. i think they purposely did the still life pic in a retro fashion, to make it look as if this perfume has been with the house right from the beginning.

very cool, i hope they have plans to launch a fragrance for guys too.

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  1. I love fragrances, but the secret that I personaly found and some find it gross is to mix different colognes together, it adds that extra smell that only you have lol^^, well it works for me and people always say they like so^^...

  2. Now that you mention "Le Dix," it really does remind me of their old perfume... such a classic bottle design.

    I'm really intrigued by this new perfume...can't wait to smell it for the first time!

    Also, great article. That jacket is fantastic.

  3. this is just me but something about that suit bothers me, it is too "fashion" looking yet very 70s (and dated) looking at the same time.

    but it doesnt bother me in the look book for some reason though...


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