Wednesday, 18 November 2009

phillip lim spring summer 2010 cardigan

one of two cardigans from spring summer 2010 that is high on my wishlist is this blue/grey piece from phillip lim. i'll share my next favourite piece in another post. when i was at the preview, everyone loved it, and this was one of the most photographed piece of the evening. if they had taken pre orders on the evening i would have given them my credit card.

.: phillip lim spring 2010 menswear presentation, new york :.

the black version was also featured in their spring 2010 presentation during new york fashion week. i wouldn't really wear it like how it was styled, ie with leather trousers, but i foresee myself wearing it slightly oversized with fitted trousers/denims.

the merino wool / cotton / cashmere mix cardigan will be available from come spring 2010. they will be stocking both blue and black colorways, and i expect it to fly off the shelves. the cardigan will retail for £209.

i am keeping an eager lookout.



  1. Do we really like it ? I'm not so sure...

  2. i don't think the styling at the presentation is appealing. but when i saw the cardigan on the rails it was the feeling where i just have to get it.

  3. The cardigans looks great but the pictures can be more perfect. I still love it!!


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