Saturday, 14 November 2009

sale at oki-ni...

shhhh... oki-ni is having a sale right now, dan-ge-rous! i had every intention to visit h&m today, not queue up at 8am, but to visit the store in the afternoon to see if there's anything left. but the torrential downpour made me tuck myself warmly under the duvet till... 3pm. and so i decided to indulge in my favourite saturday activity: order a chinese takeaway and watch x-factor. blissssss.

and with the few hours in between, i stumbled upon the oki-ni sale! the mind is very weak....

common projects bubble gum green leather hi-tops, was £229 now £137!

jil sander two tone shoe, was £495 now £198!

alejandro ingelmo gold colored "daytona" leather sneakers, was £299 now £179!

ji sander shirt, was £385 now £154!

margin margiela perforated black suede jacket, was £1,139 now £456!

and my favourite out of them all, alejandro ingelmo "toby" snake skin sneakers, was £669 now £401! the color, the texture, it's just perfecti00o00n. awww......

click here for the sale site. and be prepared to spend some money!



  1. haha, an be prepared to earn you some money if we buy anything..

  2. love the jil sander two tone oxfords.


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