Tuesday, 3 November 2009

satyenkumar fall winter 2009 silk satin shirts

one of my favourite street style photographers, wayne tippetts, took the above pics of ross during london fashion week. i remembered seeing this guy at the satyenkumar show back in september (i think it's him), it's rather impossible to miss him with his impeccable sense of style. whilst queuing up to get into the show, he whizzed in and out of the tiny venue, no doubt to let others marvel at his achingly beautiful silk satin shirt.

i wished i have his flair and confidence. channeling old world charm is something i've always aspired but failed miserably at many attempts.

the gorgeous silk satin shirt is from satyenkumar fall winter 2009. the designer worked at versace for a while before launching his own label. the shirt has just been added to oki-ni.com this week.

.: satyenkumar fall winter 2009 :.

one of the reasons why i was so keen and excited to attend the satyenkumar spring 2010 show was because of this peacock print shirt. it was fun and dainty and retro cool. they used that pic for the show invite too.

if the full on silk satin is too much to handle, this is a great alternative, and one that i am pondering long and hard if i should get it. the bib front is made from silk/satin, sewn onto a dark navy cotton shirt. i really really love it. but can i pull it off?

definitely a designer to keep a lookout for. click here for pics i took at his spring summer 2010 show.



  1. Joe-
    You could totally pull this shirt off ! You've definitely got the frame for it-go for the full silk one- I can see you wearing it untucked with a smart pair of trousers.
    Hope you are well and all is well at the new job !

  2. i remember this shot on tippetts, i know what you mean about old/another worldy. it's had to pull of but some people just have the nack naturally.

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  3. ugh silk and satin just seems so tacky! makes me think the wearer is a bonafide pornstar, or an absolute stuckup. this type of luxury shouldnt be flaunted. sure, i love the feel of silk and satin, but it just doesnt look as good as a normal cotton shirt. perhaps if i was feeling luxurious, i wud opt for organic =)


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