Monday, 2 November 2009

thank you!

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reader eric emailed me to say that i've been cited on the french newspaper "la tribune". not entirely sure what that article relates to, but my instinct tells me that if the title contains l'elegance, masculine and web, it must be g00o00d! the amazing thing is that they've even got my name! not basking in glory, but to be noticed for something i've done out of interest and passion is a cockles warming feeling.

any french/english bilinguals here, translate for me please? merci beaucoup. & hoping they're not saying that me blog's rubbish!



  1. No panic, the journalist's not saying your blog's rubbish!

    The article actually talks about the increasing number of websites related to men fashion, mainly in France.
    The paragraph where you're cited says Maxime Brunet ( founder) acknowledges he follows a trend launched & lead by other blogs - and that's why you're cited! The journalist wanted to insist on 2 examples and you're the second one.

    It says "we might quote [...] on which London-based Joseph Wong publishes photos of him in his favourite designer's changing rooms"

    Funny part is, the sentence in which you're cites is not correct (not finished).

    Congrats though!

  2. I'm French & i read your blog everyday. You're like a star now....It wll be cool if Nicolas Ghesquiere read your Blog!)

  3. nooo, adieu privacy.
    i'll pretend i haven't read the name, i like you as entity of Fashion: the blOOoOOg's so cOOoOOl

  4. for some reason, i always thought you were vietnamese :/

  5. Hi Joe, happy that u published this post.
    I stay tuned.


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