Wednesday, 18 November 2009

to quilt or not to quilt

reader john emailed to say that he saw a feature on quilted jackets from the latest asos newsletter. he had his eye on the jacket featured on the lower left corner, but thought it didn't resemble any of gareth pugh's previous works.

john is indeed correct. that is way too subdued for gareth pugh's styling. i thought it gave a very comme des garcons feel, but it's actually from one of their proteges, junya watanabe's fall winter 2009 collection.

.: junya watanabe fall winter 2009 :.

i've been searching for a quilted jacket for myself too. it's difficult to get it right, but i agreed with the asos article, that a nicely fitted quilted jacket should flatter. i rather like the above junya watanabe jacket too. there's just so much detailing going through, but none too busy. those leather pockets just made it all the more stylish and relevant.

john spent 2hrs trying to find a store which sells it online but still couldn't find it. i tried too but to no avail. so if anyone knows then drop us a line!

let's get quilted for winter.



  1. last time I checked it was available at

    it's insanely expensive.

    I wanted to get one but at about USD 1200 for a jacket (correct me if I'm wrong), I had to pass.

  2. wow, this jacket looks amazing.
    Probably because the sleeves are not quilted but made from entirely different material

  3. yeah, Colette have it in M and S:

    Dover Street Market and Liberty might have it (offline) too.

  4. Cool, thanks! I had a look at colette, but couldn't find it initially. It is waaay out of my price range, but at least I can sleep knowing it's out there...


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