Thursday, 5 November 2009

topman x timeout shoppers event at oxford circus

i've been working past 7pm most days, slogging hard and need to shop! yesterday evening, topman and timeout magazine held an exclusive shoppers event for some 600 invited guests. they cordoned off the men's section from 7pm and let us roam around till 10pm!

i thought the event was really well organised. all their staff seemed happy to be there and were eager to help. the shop wasn't crowded like it was at most days, so that makes the shopping experience more enjoyable really. they had a live dj there, beers flowing all night, and special discounts just for the evening. i could get used to this!

i like the camel colored wool coat with contrast collars. they like it too to dress it on 2 mannequins. their in-house stylists were out in full force last night, several approached me to ask if i needed help. i don't know if they're really eager to help or i looked like i desperately need some styling!

come closer...

loving the gargantuan disco balls fixture!

oh did i mentioned smirnoff flowed all night?

and a goodie bag for all!

credit where credit is due, i thought the event was well organised. i actually really enjoyed my time there as it wasn't jammed pack like most days. the discounts, live dj, free flow of drinks, friendly staff all made it a great "timeout" for those who had slaved all day in the office.

if i am allowed one criticism for them: please please please fix the lighting issues at the fitting rooms. it felt like a microwave in there with the 2 huge beams attached to the mirrors, and spot lights shining from the ceiling. too hot!

coming up soon: what i bought last night.

click here to shop topman online. their sale is still ongoing!



  1. Are those T-shirts in your goodie bag? they look cute!

  2. the mannequin in the first photo wearing the camel coat...i want everything he's wearing, and the pants on the mannequin next to him need to be a part of my closet.
    this looks like it was a fun event.

  3. The grey jacket with the contrast lapel piping looks good. The camel coat, elegant. Love the swag!

  4. You're right, I couldn't help but put the camel coat on two's ok they're on two different floors! One may need reminding of how delicious said coat is when walking on the second floor-especially with the usual momentary blindness causing by the disco ball of disco balls! Thanks for posting some pictures of the mannequins. Happiness!

  5. The range is a definite improvement, but somehow the coat and mens shirt combo don't work for me.

  6. all that looks so sick. really love the styling done for the mannequins in the Topman stores.

  7. so glad i'm not the only one who hates those dressing rooms.... totally put me off topman.

  8. how did you get invited to such an event?

  9. anon: i applied for tickets via timeout mag...


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