Friday, 20 November 2009

viktor & rolf spring summer 2010 neoprene boots

these are quite simply, the prettiest pair of boots i've seen in a long time. made of neoprene, yes diving wet suit material! it'll be perfect for london then, since it rains pretty much 98% of the time. but the feet will still get wet, oh scrap that idea. anyway, i love it that these zip up boots have flatter heels, makes it more sleek.

the boots were also featured in their spring summer 2010 lookbook. viktor & rolf's shoes are actually available for sale in selected shops, so am glad that these aren't just made for the shoot but will actually make it into the shops too.

loving it!



  1. Strange that Raf hasn't come up with smth like that with all his neoprene stuff

  2. i thought the material choice and color was very margiela.

    good point on the raf simons thing.

    neoprene is the way forward


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