Sunday, 8 November 2009

youtube sundays

2 weeks ago i saw on tv shirley bassey's performance for bbc's "eletric proms". i wasn't entirely familiar with her work, and i associate her with big gay anthems like "diamonds are forever", "hey big spender" etc. but i sat through 2hrs of her performance, totally mesmerised by songs from her upcoming album. with a softer sound and a whole host of talents queuing up to write for her, i find myself putting on the iplayer on repeat most days.

check out "almost there", written by tom baxter. i'm loving the softness and emotions at the start, and then soaring through the climatic end. and then there's the beautiful beautiful "after the rain" written by richard hawley, the pet shop boys penned "the greatest performance of my life".

i feel this should be the comeback album that whitney houston should have made.

shirley bassey at the roundhouse london, for bbc electric proms

"if you're listening now i hope that i make more sense
cause now i'm not quite so young, not quite so foolish in my defence
watch me someday, somehow i will make it somewhere i'm going higher
i'll rise so much higher and i'll hold my head higher. almost there
i still smell that perfume you wear
although i'm not your man,

we were almost there...


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