Saturday, 28 November 2009

zara fall winter 2009 military jacket

remember this jacket from zara? i blogged about it back in october, and jermaine jackson also wore the wool version to an awards ceremony. it was sold out back then, but reader selina emailed me to say it has been restocked at her local zara store in dublin this week, and her husband bought one too.

and so after work on friday, i made my way to zara in london to try my luck.

the staff mentioned that the jacket was only delivered today, and is already flying off the shelves. this was the last one in my size! i don't know if i shrank lately, or that sizes were off for the clothes i tried, but i went a size down and tried on "s", which i thought fitted really well.

the jacket had metallic buttons, not plastic, so that's a good start. i did not mind really, but for those interested, the jacket is made of synthetic leather. and probably because it is synthetic, they were able to achieve that level of softness. it really did feel like napa leather. the jacket retails for £99.

i like the jacket, but somehow i just think i can't pull it off. i can't quite put my finger to it, and as i deliberated, i decided to sleep over it. but i know it wouldn't be there anymore if ever i should return to the store.

thanks selina for the tip-off. hope your husband rock the jacket well!

zara window display / photo credit: man about world



  1. Oh Joe, that fits you very well! I love it too:-)

  2. maybe because of how dark everything is, oddly enough i dont find it crazy.

  3. I think it looks amazing. Hmm maybe it's just all the buttons that's throwing you off, but I like it!

  4. I think I can empathise. I haven't tried it on myself but something about the combination of faux-leather and a military style just doesn't gel here.


  5. Even if the most beautiful jacket are to dolce and gabbana I like very much this coat

    Excuse I for my bad English
    Good continuation and in the pleasure to read to you

  6. Love it, hmm, wonder when will it hit Manila?

  7. actually, considering that zara in london has a pretty good returns policy, why not buy first and then return it when you decide for sure?

  8. hello was wondering whether u were using ur electric blue bag when u were in zara buying this jacket? i think i saw you but im not exactly sure

  9. Looks great on you! i saw it too today! you yhould take it!!!

  10. i saw someone wearing this jacket today around brick lane, and it seemed a bit fussy to me. not sure i'm a huge fan.

  11. I only buy synthetic leather... Now I need to stop in.

  12. Looks fabulous on you! You should have bought it! Go grab it tomorrow :)

    I saw it earlier today at Zara Westfield, but thought it's cheap. Now that I have seen you wearing it, I am going back tomorrow to get one ;)

    1. Did you eventually find it at Zara westfield?

  13. i only like the colour. uhm i think you mentioned before that you looked like a bellboy? it fits you, yes. i'm really not crazy about it.

  14. OMFG! that jacket is stunning!

    I saw it at Zara SoHo here in new york last week...and i nearly dropped the rest of my shopping bag..the picture doesn't do this jacket any justice!!!

    love,love. LOVE!!!

    you should've taken it!!!

  15. whoa i need a jacket like that for my girlfriends grad! Where could I find one? Please email me at if you can help.

  16. Were can i buy this ?

  17. Wow.. I really need this one.
    I know it is too late to find one now.
    But I cannot stop thinking about it;;
    Is there anyone who can sell this one to me please..?
    I can also take Second hand of this jackaet;;

    email me.. please..
    *I will erase this messsage when I get to buy one.
    If you are bot using this jacket,
    please feel free contact and sell yours to me.

    looking forward to hearing from you..
    email address :


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