Thursday, 3 December 2009

andrés velencoso segura and chang chen in louis vuitton fall winter 2009

we previously saw french actor guillaume canet and english footballer jamie redknapp in the louis vuitton silk and cashmere stole. yesterday, spanish model andrés velencoso segura attended the sonia rykiel x h&m party in paris, dressed in a black tux and accessorised with the much in demand scarf.

nonchalant, none too heavily styled, very nice.

across the pond, taiwanese actor chang chen also wore the same scarf to the opening of the 4th louis vuitton shop in macau. they really need four shops in that tiny island? anyway, whoever put him in that boxy suit should be fired. chang chen is usually a clotheshorse, but he seemed so consumed in that outfit. fall winter 2009 was quite a stella collection, i really expected more.

so we have representatives from france, spain, england and taiwan. who's next?

santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight!

source: / getty images



  1. Wow this scarf is making the rounds. The brand Louis Vuitton seems to do well with celebrities everywhere.

  2. The Chinese actor name is Zhang Zheng, nonetheless, I still adore your blog!!!

  3. you should definitely get one for christmas, joe.


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