Monday, 21 December 2009

anthony santos in dolce & gabbana fall winter 2009

i'm in a quilted state of mind these days, must be the sudden drop in temperature in london. i'm not familiar with latin american music, but on saturday, music group "aventura" held a concert in miami. lead singer anthony santos wore one of my favourite pieces from dolce & gabbana's fall winter 2009 collection: the white quilted tuxedo jacket.

it's not about featuring known or unknown celebs, but the focus is on the clothes itself. i thought anthony looked really good in that tux, it fitted him very well. when it comes to quilting, i find that fit is key, we don't want to look like michelin man do we.

on many occasions when i see famous personalities wearing dolce & gabbana, the clothes seem to be wearing them. anthony definitely wore the jacket and not the other way round. am loving the whole look, except for that pocket square which seemed slightly out of place for me.

loving it.

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  1. He does look good in that quilted blazer. What a nice touch to a classic.

  2. someone left a cd of them in my car. ehh, their music reminds me too much of when i LIVED in aventura (a city in a miami), where i heard their songs constantly (just never knew who sang it). but the group is pretty famous in the latin american community. anywho, beautiful jacket.

  3. Michelin man...that made me laugh. Your so right though. Quilting is so hard to pull off, let alone make it look so fitted. Kudos to him!

    Just wanted to give you a heads up, Jonathan 'JB' Gill (I'm not really sure who he is to be honest), was seen wearing what I think is a D&G Fall 2009 coat, recently. I couldn't find unwatermarked pics anywhere, but here's the link:

  4. your "alexi lubomirski for GQ picture":
    WHat vest is alexi WEARING???

    I love your blog. Keep it goin'

  5. That's not Anthony Santos, That is Romeo from Aventura!!!!

  6. WOw Anthony "ROMEO" Santos Looks So beautiful with that clothes I just Loved it...Lov U ROMEO..
    att:ROsanny D.


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